Animals are an important part of any community. Animals are around our homes (wildlife), in our homes (pets) and in our diet (food). Our society owes a great debt to animals for the contributions they make every day. They feed us, do work for us, protect us, entertain us and inspire us. For this, we believe they deserve humane and compassionate treatment. The interactive experience offered at the nature school promotes respect for all animals as well as honoring those that have made our lives better. 

The Nature School will demonstrate and instruct how we can conserve nature while producing the food, forest products and other goods needed in our community. By utilizing the many educational resources in our community, we will offer classes, workshops, camps and field experiences focused in four areas of study: animals, gardening, ecology and technology. 

We can not do this without help, your help.  We have incredible plans and we hope you can donate today and help make the dream a reality!

The Nature School will be open to the public one weekend a month with additional event days, such as earth day, halloween, etc. Classes, workshops, camps, and field experiences will be offered on a regular schedule throughout the year. The nature lab, classroom, pavilion and outdoor kitchen will be available for meetings and party rentals.



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