Three Program Styles

Educational Focus: 75% instruction /25% animal interaction. Great for classrooms, meetings, public talks, etc. Sample: One hour program will include 45 minutes program with topic of your choice, plus 15 minutes to pet and handle animals.

Entertainment Focus: 25% introduction /75% animal interaction. Great for birthdays and other parties. Sample: Two hour birthday party will include 30 minutes intro to animals, 90 minutes to pet and handle animals.)

Free Range: 100% assisted animal interaction. Great for events, fairs, school carnivals, etc.

Four Program Exhibits

Box of Beasts: Smaller creatures for smaller groups. We will bring 3-6 small animal friends to share. Great for classrooms, small groups, birthdays and low key events.

Critter Cart: We will bring 8-12 animal friends to share. Small to large animals for classrooms, birthdays, small to large groups, and any event.

Animal Island: Addition to Critter Cart for large events, birthdays, and school carnivals. The coolest petting zoo exhibit you will find.

Animal Ark: We will bring 20+ animal friends all riding on the ark exhibit, including the island. Great for multi-day events and fairs.